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Shockwave Therapy is effective non-surgical treatment for persistent pain. Shockwave Treatments for locals in Pakenham, Beaconsfield, Berwick, Officer & Bunyip
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Shockwave Therapy

What Is Shockwave Therapy?


This cutting edge technology has been available at elite sporting clubs (such as in the AFL) for the last decade and now Pakenham Osteopathy are very pleased to be able to provide our patients with the opportunity to receive shockwave therapy, alongside our other services.


Radial shockwave therapy uses high pressured acoustic shockwaves that travel through the skin to break down targeted tissue and stimulate tissue repair. Essentially it kick-starts the body’s natural healing mechanisms by increasing circulation to a chronically injured site which in turn speeds up the healing process*.

Shockwave Therapy has been proven to treat chronic pain and tendonitis!*


Shockwave Therapy Is An Effective Treatment Approach*


Shockwave therapy is a research-proven*, pain relief treatment approach that may be effective in many CHRONIC musculoskeletal conditions, including:

  • Plantar Fasciitis
  • Achilles tendinopathy
  • Calcification of the shoulder
  • Patella tendinopathy
  • Tennis or golfers elbow
  • Hamstring tendinopathy
  • Shin splints
  • Arthritis


Shockwave therapy can be used where previous conservative management has failed to resolve notoriously stubborn complaints.


* To read the research available on Radial Shockwave Therapy efficacy click here.

How Soon Will I See Results With Shockwave Therapy?


Patients may experience pain reduction and a greater range of movement immediately after the procedure. This is can be temporary, however real results are seen after a few days when the injury begins to heal. Depending on your condition, healing can take weeks, however pain relief usually precedes this.

How Does Shockwave Therapy Work?


  • Increasing circulation
  • Breaking down calcification deposits
  • Stimulating fibroblast (soft tissue cells) production – healing ligaments, tendons, muscles…
  • Stimulating osteoblast (bone cells) production – healing bone
  • Stimulating the “gate-control” mechanism for pain relief
  • Inhibiting Cox II Enzyme, producing an anti-inflammatory effect

What Does A Shockwave Therapy Session Involve?


Radial shockwave therapy is a non-surgical procedure. A contact gel is applied to the area, then a hand held probe is applied to the skin. The probe delivers the acoustic waves in a controlled and focused manner for typically 4 minutes per injured area.

What Does A Course Of Shockwave Therapy Involve?


A course of shockwave therapy usually consists of 3-5 treatments with appointments no more than 1 week apart. Conditions that more chronic or significant in nature are likely to require the longer treatment course.

Take the first step towards feeling better today

Call or Book Online to schedule your first shockwave therapy appointment and experience for yourself what a difference easing pain, restoring movement and improving body function can make to many areas of your life! Located near  Officer, Beaconsfield, Berwick and Bunyip.

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