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Skye Andersen

Skye Andersen



Skye and Shane established Pakenham Osteopathy (formerly known as Cardinia Sports & Spinal Clinic) in 2004 and it has now grown into a thriving outer Melbourne practice. Skye has an interest in acute neck and upper back strains, postural complaints and headaches and migraines.


Many of Skye’s patients work in sedentary jobs which can result in slumped posture, weak back muscles and rounded shoulders.  Encouraging patients to stretch out tight muscles and re-build weakened back muscles enables patients to self-manage their condition so that it doesn’t recur over and over again.


Since having had her own children in recent years, Skye also enjoys treating pregnancy-related issues and post-partum recovery.


Skye has also completed a dry needling course which may be useful for conditions that flare up with vigorous “hands on” treatment, such as highly acute neck or back pain, or the elderly.


As a mother of 2 young girls and a practice principle, Skye’s life is a busy one. However, she still enjoys jogging, participating in her first full marathon in 2016.

Shane Peace

Shane Peace



Shane’s path to osteopathy is a little more convoluted than most. He completed a Mechanical Engineering degree at Monash University and worked for a number of years as an engineer before returning to study Osteopathy at Victoria University as a mature age student.


2017 marks Shane’s 14th year as a full-time osteopath. Shane has a keen interest in chronic headaches and migraine.  In August 2017 Shane and Lachlan will be attending the “Watson Headache® Institute’s Level 1 Foundation Course, ‘The Role of C1-3 Cervical Afferents in Primary Headache’, to add another dimension to their clinical approach when treating headache and migraine sufferers.  


Having a family heritage of bad hips – and inheriting them himself – Shane also has a keen interest in hip and pelvic pain and while many therapists dread the 40-year-old-plus patient with pain on the outside of the hip, this is one of Shane’s ideal patients.  


As you would expect from a qualified Mechanical Engineer Shane’s treatment has a strong structural focus, uses dry needling, and encourages patients to participate in their treatment with exercise prescription and education. Shane regularly uses Radial Shockwave Therapy (RSWT) to complement more traditional osteopathic techniques.


Lachlan Allen

Lachlan Allen



Lachlan is very passionate about Osteopathy and its ability to help you achieve a healthy body. He uses strong science to achieve the best possible outcomes for his patients.


Lachlan has been part of the team for many years and is a firm believer that your recovery must be a combined effort between patient and osteopath. He encourages patients to participate in their own recovery through education and home based exercises; using a targeted treatment plan to achieve their goals faster. Lachlan enjoys the challenge of dealing with persistent pain and the complexities surrounding it.


When he’s not at Pakenham Osteopathy, you will find Lachlan leading a very active lifestyle. He loves the outdoors, is a keen horticulturalist and fisherman. His real passion is fly fishing but admits he does frequently soak a bait in one of our amazing salt water systems.


Leora Dobia

Leora Dobia



Leora graduated  with her Masters of Osteopathy in 2012. Leora has 9 years of experience working in the sporting world ranging from head trainer at Elsternwick football club to School and Dewar shield  and School boy Rugby and most recently with the Melbourne Rebels U18 side in 2016.  This has given Leora vast experience in pitchside trauma management and sparked an interest in sporting injuries. 


Leora treats people from a wide variety of backgrounds and believes that the best results come from teamwork between patient and practitioner and encourages her patients to take responsibility in their health and wellbeing.


Leora’s areas of interest are sporting injuries, headaches, low back pain and pregnancy.


Leora has undergone further training in dry needling and Clinical Pilates and she likes to integrate these into patient management along with hands on therapy.  


When not working Leora loves travel, is an avid foodie and a bit of a weekend warrior.


Dave Sollberger

David Sollberger



David graduated as an Osteopath from RMIT University in 2003 and has worked as an osteopath in both Melbourne and country Victoria.  He has worked the last five years in his own practice in Bunyip and is very happy to join the team at Pakenham Osteopathy.  He was the osteopath for the Vic Metro U18 Basketball team for four years, was a clinical supervisor at RMIT back in 2007-8 and he spent three years as an osteopath aiding the Bunyip and Garfield Football Clubs.


Special interests include treating children and adolescents, sports injuries, chronic pain, pregnant women and the elderly.  David enjoys the challenge of treating people of all different backgrounds, ages, occupations and injuries.  He attempts to maintain seeing the person with the injury, not just the injury itself.


In addition to Osteopathy, David has gained his advanced diploma in Christian Counselling and is a level two sports chaplain.  He is able bring these skills into the treatment when needed to help patients help themselves, particularly for chronic pain patients.  He is involved as chaplain to the Pakenham Football Club.


David is married with four children, and enjoys running, basketball and netball and travelling (when he can).  He attends Pakenham Baptist church, lives locally, and has a passion for the local community.


Mirae Payroli

Mirae Payroli



Mirae is a qualified Osteopath who is a member of Osteopathy Australia.


Mirae enjoys treating clients of any age and with any condition.  Having been a headache sufferer throughout her life Mirae does have keen interest in treating neck pain and headaches. 


She has also recently discovered a new area of interest – shoulder injuries – and has completed additional studies on the area under Lynn Watson – a practitioner who has dedicated her career to diagnosis and treatment of shoulder complaints.  Mirae has also completed further studies in dry needling to complement her hands-on approach to treatment.


Currently, Mirae is also the head sports trainer at the Nar Nar Goon Football Club where she works alongside the players and coaching staff to prevent and manage on field injuries.


Mirae believes the best results can be achieved when she and her clients work together to achieve their common goal.


In her free time Mirae is very active; playing netball, going for walks with friends or sweating it out in the gym. She also loves to spend time with her family and friends.


Jaime Cornwells

Jaimie Cornwell



Jaimie graduated from Victoria University in 2013 after completing a Bachelors Degree in Sport and Exercise Science followed by a Masters in Applied Science (Exercise Rehabilitation). Jaimie specialize in using exercise for injury and chronic disease management in both individual and group sessions all tailored to each persons’ needs.


Jaimie’s main interest is in clinical pilates and have been working primarily with chronic lower back injuries over the past 2 years and enjoys working with those who benefit from using exercise as a treatment method, controlling chronic diseases and in injury management.


They offer amazing support to our team.  Without them our ship would sink!

Ashlee Edwards

Ashlee Edwards


Ashlee joined our team late 2015 after completing her Honours in Psychology. She hopes to one day go on and complete a Master of Psychology with an interest in children and chronic pain in adults. Ashlee’s greatest attribute is her unflappable nature, always remaining cool, calm and collected.

Davina Milnes

Davina Milnes


Davina has been with us for many years. With 2 young boys, Davina works part time and is a valued member of the team.  Should you have any questions about our services or how the clinic is run, Davina is the one to ask.

Lauren Lenders

Lauren Lenders


Lauren has been with us the longest out of all our reception staff so knows the place inside and out.  She has just returned to us after the birth of her second baby, Kip, brother to Pippa.  She was welcomed back with open arms! Lauren works all day on a Monday.