There are many factors that contribute to our pricing structure. Here are some insights into what is involved in Osteopathic training and treatment at Pakenham Osteopathy…

We strive to get results where others have failed by matching you with an Osteopath experienced in treating your condition, giving you valuable information about your condition and providing a personalised recovery plan.


Osteopathy is a regulated health profession through AHPRA (Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency) which is the same body that governs GPs, physiotherapists, chiropractors, podiatrists and dentists. To fulfil our registration, one of the requirements is that we continue our professional development throughout our career. As such, we are always updating our knowledge and skills with the latest research by attending seminars, webinars and workshops.

At Pakenham Osteopathy, most of our Osteopaths have invested 5 years at University mastering their craft – and gaining their Masters in Osteopathy. This is compared with physiotherapy which is a 4 year degree, without a Masters program. So we have a vast knowledge of the anatomy of the body and pathologies that can exist.

The Initial Consultation

Osteopathy BerwickIn our first consultation, we spend up to 60 minutes with each new patient. This time allows us to hear your story. We strive to fully understand why the problem has occurred. Further, what activities or actions may be contributing to it and what may need to be modified.

An initial consultation at Pakenham Osteopathy is typically much longer than a physiotherapy or chiropractic appointment.

We focus on what outcome you’re looking for, or said another way, what goals you have. Whilst for most, initially it is just to get out of pain, we delve deeper into what the injury has prevented you from doing and what steps we can take to get you back there. We also aim to have you fitter, stronger than your pre-injury state.

At the end of the consultation we provide you with a comprehensive, tailored management plan. This plan includes a diagnosis (what the problem is), how long we think it will take to recover, the number of treatments required and any exercises or activities that may help to speed up your recovery.

Follow up appointments are at least 50% longer than physiotherapists and chiropractors

Osteopathy BeaconsfieldThe Follow Up Consultation

Our follow up appointments are for half an hour. During this time we discuss how the previous session went and we reassess you to provide the best treatment. These follow-up consultations are typically at least 50% longer than a standard follow up at a physiotherapist or chiropractor. We always touch on your goals and reiterate the journey or pathway to get you there.

As for our fees, if you have private health insurance with extras cover, Osteopathy is often rebated. Depending on your level of cover you may get back anywhere from $10 to 100% of the full consultation fee. Check with your individual health fund for how much you can expect to claim back (our item codes for osteopathy consultations are 1804 for the initial consult and 1802 for the follow up consultations).

Fee structure

Osteopath Berwick

Our consultation fees at Pakenham Osteopathy are:

$156 for a new client and $106 for a follow up appointments.


  • Osteopaths are required to continue their education to keep up to date with the latest research and advancements in treatment
  • All Osteopaths at Pakenham Osteopathy have completed 5 years at University
  • We have long consultation times – Initial consults are 60 minutes in length, subsequent visits are 30 minutes
  • These long consultation times allow us to hear your story and tailor treatment that is specific to you and your condition so you won’t feel rushed
  • Management plans are always provided so you know what’s wrong, how long you’d expect it to last, and what frequency of treatment you’ll need to get back on your feet again.

If you have any body aches and pains, make an appointment today! For further information about what conditions we treat, please check out our website here. To make an appointment, click here book online here or call the clinic on 5941-4157.

We hope this has been informative, and we look forward to seeing you in the clinic soon!