One Saturday morning in November 2018, I was out running with a small group of friends. It was a loop I had never done before.  I was in full training and just four weeks out from what was meant to be my longest distance – a 24km event.

ExercisesThe Knee Injury

As I was running I felt my knee getting really sore and tight.  The pain was worsening with every step, but as you do, I kept on running!  After completing the 18km loop, I cooled off and found I could barely walk, the swelling was setting in and I couldn’t bend my knee. Previously, I had experienced a niggle in my knee but this time was different.  I jumped on the Pakenham Osteopathy website the following afternoon and booked an appointment with Lachlan for the following day.

The Diagnosis

I was very quickly sent off for an MRI & told NO running.  Sadly I had to pull out of the event but I set myself the goal of the following year.  I was diagnosed with patella (knee cap) dysfunction that caused inflammation in the fat pad underneath it.

The Treatment

Lachlan created a very conservative treatment plan. Rehabilitation was the key – I was given home based strength exercises (which I was happy to do rather than attend a gym!) and was advised to stop running.  Once I could bend my knee we re-introduced running.  Slowly I increased my runs by 1km at a time week by week.  Lachlan also advised me of what to do if my symptoms worsened so I had a very clear guidelines.  Lachlan also tried many different ways of taping, he used the shockwave therapy machine, massage and advised me how to make a slight change to my running style, all which helped improve my knee pain.

Health Goals

We focused again on a goal – this time it was to complete the Great Ocean Road running festival in May which is a 14km event.  Unfortunately things didn’t go exactly to plan – 5kms in and the pain started again and my knee swelled….. Back to Lachlan for more rehabilitation and strength training!  Eventually my knee recovered fully.  I can now say that the support and treatment I received during this time got me to the finish line.  I was able to complete the 24kms last year pain free and my knee feels stronger than ever.

What I Learnt

Everybody dreads home based exercises and strength work but I can honestly say it works.  As frustrating as it was for me to have the set back during my first phase of recovery, I know that I didn’t end up at square one.  The work I had done in the lead up meant that phase two of my recovery was not as arduous.  Lachlan helped me focus on my goals and together we were able to achieve them.
Osteopaths have such a wide range of treatment plans to suit each individual and whatever your injury, the team at Pakenham Osteopathy will do everything to get you back up and moving to achieve your goals.