Before I worked at Pakenham Osteopathy, I was a client!

I have been seeing the team for over 10 years, and haven’t looked back since my first consult!  I’ve been treated for many different injuries over the years by most of Osteopaths at the clinic. Shane, Skye, Lachie, Leora, Jack and Bec!  Anything from back pain to neck pain, headaches to shoulder pain, even groin and heel pain.


One of the injuries that sticks out to me most, is my Achilles.  I was forever having trouble while I was playing netball, and I was always sore after training and games.  I just kept putting up with it, thinking it would get better over time.  Eventually, it really started to slow me down, and became quite debilitating.


Finally, I booked an appointment to see Shane.  Of course, I wanted a quick fix. But there was some work to do on my end!  I had the best of intentions to perform all the exercises recommended by Shane, and I think I lasted a week doing them at home.  Each day I would arrive at work, and Shane would ask how my exercises were going – “whoops, forgot to do them, again”! So, unbeknownst to me, Shane came up with a plan to get me back on track!


The following week, I took the towels down to our laundry room, and there was a great big sign above the step “do your calf raises”!  I had no excuses now!  A simple little daily strength exercise of calf raises, and I could feel the improvement.  Shane also suggested I put these exercises into my routine at home.  So brushing my teeth also became the time to do my calf raises.  With weekly appointments, and consistently keeping up with the exercises, my achilles tendons were as good as new.  Plus, I managed to complete the full netball season!


I have learnt over the many years of working at Pakenham Osteopathy, and also being a client, that there usually aren’t any quick fixes, and the advise and expertise from the Osteopaths here shouldn’t be ignored!!