We get asked all day long what products are useful and for what reasons.  So here is a comprehensive list of our top products you can use at home.  These will help keep you moving between consultations or can be used in conjunction with the hands on work we are doing within your sessions! For more information on any of these, please email us at osteo@pakenhamosteopathy.com.au

1. Ice pack & heat pack

Image result for ice pack for kneeIce is best applied for sudden onset injuries, swelling, muscle strains or joint sprains, or used as a preventative to muscular soreness following exercise. It acts by reducing the blood flow to the region which minimises local inflammatory processes and also slightly numb the area which can help slow the transmission of pain signals. This may help to reduce pain and improve recovery.

A heat pack can be applied locally to help relax tense muscles and therefore improve joint range of motion. It does so by improving blood flow and nutrients to the area.

2. Fisiocrem

Fisiocrem is a herbal anti-inflammatory cream that helps to relieve muscular aches and pains as well as joint pain. It contains arnica, which may also improve the healing of bruising. This cream is certainly a must have!

3. Foam roller & Spiky ball

This equipment can be used as a form of self massage to help release tension in muscles and connective tissue surrounding it (fascia).  Current evidence suggests it helps to improve short term performance when used in a warm up routine, increase flexibility and joint range of motion and may reduce muscular soreness following exercise.

4. Therabands

These are essentially big elastic bands that provide resistance during exercises. They are commonly used for stretching, rehabilitation of injuries and also strengthening for injury prevention. These are often required for prescription exercises an osteopath may send you home with following your consultation.

Always speak to your osteopath before starting these exercises as they will tailor the exercise to your specific needs and administer the correct resistance band needed.

5. Magnesium

Magnesium is responsible for over 300 cellular reactions in your body, so no wonder we don’t feel quite right if there is a deficiency! Taking magnesium is known to improve sleep, muscle cramping, stress related muscular tightness and recovery from exercise. It is also very important for the health of our heart, nerves, teeth and bones!

Some forms of magnesium aren’t absorbed as efficiently in our body, so talk to one of our osteopaths and see which one is best for you! Currently available in powdered & spray form at the clinic.


6. Turmeric

Many of you may have cooked with turmeric without having any awareness of it’s therapeutic effects!  

Image result for nageze

Turmeric is a natural anti-inflammatory which may help relieve arthritis and joint pain. Taken in concentrated doses, it may reduce joint pain and inflammation, stiffness and swelling. is kind to the stomach compared to over the counter anti-inflammatory tablets, and is suitable for those who take medications for other conditions that normally would contraindicate the use of typical anti-inflammatories.  The brand we recommend and have available at the clinic is called Nageze. It contains the equivalent of 2kg worth of turmeric!

Lucky for you, we have all of these products available right now at the clinic.  We hope you’ve found this article useful!

If you have any questions, please don’t be afraid to ask our lovely receptionists or osteopaths. We can be contacted via email osteo@pakenhamosteopathy.com.au or give us a call on 5941-4157.